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Taking the time to know our customers and evaluating their own business goals.

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Having the knowledge and resources to achieve your goals, in a cost effective and timely approach.

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MDC understands the true meaning of "Cost verses Benefit", but we here like to add one more variable "Time". Time is actually the biggest cost.

Do you have time to waste? 

Let Marine Dealers .Com Serve YOU

  Marine Dealers .Com offers a wide variety of services that can be catered to your exact needs.

Please contact us for any additional information and pricing.

·          IT support

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Ø   Website Design

Ø    New implantation of POS/ERP systemsNew implantation of POS/ERP systems

Ø   Support in customer installation of POS/ERP systems

Ø   Networking and Servers

Ø   Data Scrubbing

Ø   Data Entry

·          Odoo Training

Ø   We offer a full “Do It Yourself” video library

Ø   Published Books 

Ø   Onsite Training

Ø   Help Desk  (Support)

·          Business Consulting

Ø   Sales Training

Ø   Marketing

Ø   Process Design

Ø   E Commerce

Ø   Create Business Milestone

·          Off Site Sales support (Boat Shows or other)

Ø   Trained “Ace” Sales Staff (Due to high demand - Please contact us with your dates)

Ø   Boat Show Design and Layouts

Ø   Display Pricing

Ø   Set-up & Rigging 

Ø   Lighting

Ø   Shipping