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Odoo & You

Odoo offers a vast range of benefits. These benefits are very different from any other Dealer Management Solutions or POS/ERP systems. The biggest difference is cost. Your business will not incur HUGE license fees and you do not have additional fees due to user’s licenses. Say good bye to those annual dollars out the window!

Below are some of the key features of Odoo

1.       Odoo offers many applications like POS, CRM, Website Builder, Ecommerce, Project Management, Warehouse Management, Manufacturing, Accounting and Human Resources. There are over 2000 different applications (modules) for you to alter the basic platform. This means you can fine-tune Odoo to your business’s needs. Odoo is able to do this because Odoo is made up by a community of users like you. This also means that Odoo is an open source code application.

2.       Odoo allows the user to “build as needed”. Meaning, as your company grows, you can continue to add applications (modules). How about that, you add building blocks to your business and now you’re DMS builds with you. Keep in mind; you only need the basic installation to get started. You choose how YOU want to start the implementation. 

3.       Uncompromising Technology – Since Odoo is open source code, this allows the community of builders to offer the latest and greatest processes. They don’t have to worry about obsoleting a recent design due to revenue.

4.       Customization – Can I say anymore, Open Source Code! Odoo can adapt to almost any other system you are, or will be using. 

5.       Easily integrated system – You the user have the choice to do the system install yourself or hire a team like MarineDealers.Com. The choice is yours!

6.       Oh yah, did I mention the cost savings??? Did I mention Open Source Code??? 

Don’t customize your company to a Management System – customize the Management System to your company. You created SOP’s for a reason right?? 


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