Knowing Your Business & DMS

Making the right choice - Dealer Management Solutions

Trying to find the best Dealer Management System for your business can be a very daunting task. This task is also extremely important, as the system you choose will dramatically depict how you’ll conduct business. This is due to the program features will depict the processes throughout your organization.

Below is a list of items you should be thinking about when researching different systems

·         Do you sell something, produce, or both?

·         Do you have multiple locations?

·         How many licensed users do you wish to have?

·         Do you want your DMS web based?

·         Do you want to access your DMS by tablet?

·         What reporting tools do you need?

·         Does your organization have the ability to administer a new system?

·         Does your organization need 100% implementation including               process flows?

·         What abilities do you expect from a web based DMS?

·         What initial fees and annual fees are associated with a Management          System?

·         Does the DMS provider charge extra for additional modules?

·         Does your business have the ability to host the DMS or would you         prefer offsite?

·         Does the DMS need to push or pull data from other applications?

These are just a few items that you want to be well versed in. This will help you make good decisions in choosing an ERP or POS system. Your choice in a system will determine process flows at your business which will affect efficiency/profitability. Be sure that the company you hire is willing to take the time to know what your expectations are, and that the provider is clear what is needed from you, as this will be a joint effort to be successful.
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